How to Coach – or how not to coach.

I have had my most hectic few weeks of coaching and it has left me with quite a few lessons. They are as follows:

What motivates one person will probably de-motivate another.

What some people find easy to understand someone else finds impossible.

The same session to two different groups brings about 2 very different results.

If people have had a bad day, they will look to be offended by something you say.

The same person, who was on fire and in the zone last week, could be the most uncoachable person ever this week.

Don’t be offended if people are not listening, you might be boring them.

When the eyes glaze over stop talking.

Have a plan, and have a plan for when the plan falls apart.

Expect the unexpected.

Bibs that are not washed smell very bad.

Give people a rugby ball and no instructions and they will kick it.

Don’t say “unlucky.”

Accept that people can’t see through your eyes how simple something is; it probably isn’t.

The moment you forget what you were trying to say, move on.

When you create a great moment in your head explain it to everyone and they understand it with perfect clarity, know that for certain the first pass will be dropped.

Try not to look like you are going to chew your own arm off with frustration.

Try and enjoy it.

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