Decisions, decisions.

In The Times today is a small piece listing all the wrong decisions Chris Robshaw has made in his captaincy. They are all mainly around the end of games when the decision to go for posts or the line out are the key calls. Now it’s all well and good to criticise these calls but it’s made easy by the fact the outcome of the call didn’t go to plan. Was the thought process behind the decision sound? In most cases yes.

I would love to see the critics try to find a clear head to make these decisions when they are captains of their country in a home World Cup. In what is the toughest pools in rugby World Cup history.

There is playing under pressure and then there is a pressure that is unbearable because you know every decision will be pulled apart and dissected by people who probably feel they know better. I once played 10 minutes of a 3rd team cup final and found the pressure stifling; so what goes on in the mind and the body under the levels of scrutiny England face is unthinkable to me.

Rugby is all about trying to manage a whole series of uncontrollable situations and managing to control all of the things you are supposed to be in control of. It leads to mistakes, inaccuracy and overthinking.

You have to understand that yes they are paid and they are professional. However they are still humans and as such prone to makings decisions that may be wrong. As odd as it may sound you cant always judge a decision in something as complex as rugby solely on the outcome.
Anyway to end: come on England!!!!

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