It’s our party and we will cry if we want to.

Imagine you are hosting a party, you and your friends take turns in hosting and this time around you have made sure there is enough room for everyone. You have given out the best party bags any of the other hosts have ever given. The last host even had to ask for money to finish their party off. Everyone is having a great time.  Yet when you bump your head and have to go to bed early the guests start celebrating like it’s the best thing in the world. Not only that some of the guests even live with you all year round but they cheer the loudest when you are carted off.

Welcome to Rugby world cup England 2015  Now I am going to be honest I never believed England could win this world cup. World cup teams write themselves on the team sheet 1 or 2 years before they first play in the tournament. England still has too many doubts over to many positions to have looked like a world cup winning side. That combined with a pressure they didn’t seem to expect resulted in our worst ever performance and the worst performance of any host nation.

 All of that aside and with the group stages all done and dusted. I’m immensely proud of how we have hosted this tournament.  I went to two stadiums the furthest apart from each other, seeing Tonga v Namibia in Exeter. Then we took an epic road trip for New Zealand v Tonga in Newcastle.  In between I went to games in Milton Keynes and Birmingham. I watched England loose to Wales in the Birmingham fanzone and I even volunteered during two games at Milton Keynes. Every one of them was full to bursting and buzzing with a great atmosphere. No matter where you were from or who you supported.

 The Fiji v Uruguay game in Milton Keynes was the week after England were tipped out of the tournament.  I was afraid we would have no fans there and that the atmosphere would be flat but it was far from that. The stadium was buzzing the ground was a few hundred short of a sell out and both teams were cheered on in a great game.

 I had similar fears for England V Uruguay but again the fans turned up and showed true support to a wounded and despondent England.

 Despite the fact it’s over for England we have shown we are a great sporting nation, 2012 started it and the rugby world cup continued it. We care about all the competitors we support all the teams and we cheer on all the good things that sport produces.

I hope when the dust settles the people who relished in our downfall can look at the way we hosted it and give us credit for setting the bar high.

2.5 million Tickets sold, over 5 million applied for tickets. How World Rugby apportions this cash is a contentious issue for teams outside of tier one, but any way you paint it there is a lot of cash coming into the world of rugby on the back of this tournament.

All that said it’s not about money, it’s about trying to host the best party we can. Though we went to bed early we will be up in the morning to prepare a lavish breakfast for our guests and then a banquet style Sunday dinner. Don’t worry they don’t need to do the dishes we got that too.

4 thoughts on “It’s our party and we will cry if we want to.

  1. Must correct you, 2012 was a catalyst for it, and Glasgow 2014 continued it, along with Le grand depart, England 2015 just furthers it.


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